Stephen Hopkins

Studio Wall, St. Mark's Av. Brooklyn, 2004

Stephen Hopkins:
Raised in the agricultural heartland of the U.S., Stephen Hopkins grew up fascinated in equal measure by the wonders of nature and heavy machinery.
   The discovery of punk rock in the 1980's provided him with the Do-It-Yourself mentality that would fuel a restless inquiry into the basic nature of materials. From scratches on metal and glass or feedback sound waves pulsing through lens-like pools of water to geometric patterns of carbon deposited on paper; primitive material treatments and hacked-together technological experiments characterize much of his his work.
   The outcome however is far from crude. At best, these rough experiments have a stillness and a complex beauty which, through harnessing basic forces, far surpasses the "hand" of the artist.
   For many years Hopkins played in the acclaimed turn-of-the-century Brooklyn band The Deer Park. He now lives with is wife on a cat ranch in suburban Venus.